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So You Want To Hire A Male Stripper

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Look, women get urges just like men. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a group of women getting together, hiring a couple male strippers to come dance with them for a bit, and getting wild.

The only problem is, many women have absolutely no idea how to hire a male stripper; what it costs, who to call, what the rules are. This might make some women hesitate to have the kind of good time they are looking to have.

Fortunately for you, there is plenty of help to be had.

First, feel free to just call us (877-942-5332 or online: ) and ask as many questions as you need answers for. We aim to please and don't mind answering questions.

Second, have you ever heard of Google? We just came across this handy article "Everything women should know about hiring a stripper" at Cosmopolitan. It has some important information that maybe you don't realize. Like:

7. This is how you should act
We encourage the girls to be as loud as possible, this helps the entertainer feel confident and enjoy himself too. But you should also be polite and respectful - just as you would if you were going into Asda to speak an employee.
8. And how you definitely shouldn't act
He will not tolerate rudeness or being touched up in places they should not touch. Of course if he directs the hen to touch something, then this rule doesn't apply.

Check out the entire list above, give us a call, or visit our Facebook page to get your questions answered. Then you can get busy having a good time!

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1 Comment

Jhutala Paula
Jhutala Paula
Feb 10, 2021

Being an ex male stripper myself, "places they should not touch" means the whole body. Don't touch except if you are encouraged too.

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