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New England’s Oldest Strip Club Closed!

The Foxy Lady strip club, in Rhode Island, opened its doors in 1979. Fans of the Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots often made news with their wild celebrations at the club. Thousands of dancers have worked at the club, and tens of thousands of people have been there to see them.

But now the doors are closed as club owners and local law enforcement figure out exactly what is going on and whether or not the club may re-open.

local police say at least three dancers at the club were involved in prostitution, but an attorney for the club says they have no knowledge of a police investigation or arrests of any kind involving employees, Despite this the club remains closed for now.

More than 200 people were currently employed by the club, all of whom are now scrambling to replace their lost income just days before Christmas:

Many of the workers were counting on the club’s annual Christmas party, the biggest and most lucrative event of the year, to pay off bills and buy gifts. Workers described the club as a good, safe and clean place to work, where people looked out for each other and nothing against the rules was tolerated.
“We are selling a fantasy, not sex,” said Aubrey Williams, who pointed out that many of her co-workers had been working at the Foxy Lady a decade or more.

The Rhode Island Supreme Court has also weighed into the fight ruling the Foxy Lady cannot re-open as a strip club for the time being. So if you planned a holiday weekend at Foxy lady in Rhode Island you should just call Wicked Wild instead. We bring the girls to wherever you are!


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