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Wicked Wild

Wicked Wild will send a crew with 2 or more fabulously talented dancers who will put on an unbelievable blow out experience for any occasion. The girls at Wicked Wild are specially trained to be the life of the party. You’ll enjoy the spectacular view and amazing performance.

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Popular Passions

Traditional Wicked Wild Event:
Two or more erotically talented dancers will display a fantastic performance along with thrilling games and unbelievably original routines.

50 Shades of Gray:
Two curiously kinky strippers will put on a famously inspired presentation that will utterly amaze the whole party. If you're interested in chains and whips, we’ll make sure you get the whole package. Momma might not approve, but we do!

Create Your Own  
Let your imagination run wild and customize your own Theme Party! You bring the vision, we send the party.

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