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Bodacious Bikini Events

This bodacious bikini event can be as wicked or as wild as you want.

What it is:

Beauty on the beach, no matter the weather. One beautiful babe will bring the tropical vibes to your location, spicing up the party with astonishing lap dances, unbelievable moves, and incredible floor routines. She leaves it all on the dance floor, including the bikini, so all you have to focus on is those banging tan lines. Her moves are sure to make you sweat, bringing the heat to every party

What It Can Be:

In addition, pay a little bit extra and wetness is guaranteed. With an inflatable pool, your bodacious beauty is sure to make a splash, leaving every inch of her wet and slippery for your entertainment. So, grab your sunglasses, a Pina colada, and sit back and relax while this bodacious beauty takes you on the vacation of a lifetime.

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