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Primo Pole Dancing

You can make this event as wicked or wild as you want to. 

What it is:

Wicked Wild Entertainment is excited to bring the party to you! Performing incredible feats of strength, flexibility and balance, our acrobatic pole dancers will wow audiences with mesmerizing moves. Able to supply their own pole, these dancers will curate a pole routine perfectly suited to fit your event. 

What It Can Be:

Pole dancing is an art form, and at Wicked Wild Entertainment, we sure know how to make it look beautifully natural. Enjoy a club-style performance and watch as these dancers defy gravity with their unfathomable power. Expect to be spellbound by their unique pole dancing routines, featuring beautiful music, humor and captivating narratives. Her energetic love affair with the pole will leave you speechless, watching as her body twists and turns in ways you never thought imaginable. Expect to work up a sweat as this pole dancing beauty sweeps you off your feet, with the fluidity of her moves and confident sensuality parades around the pole.  

Transforming your visions into a reality, these primo pole dancing shows can be tailored to fit your theme, audience, and style.

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