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Sexiest Music Videos of 2018!

Nothing sells music quite like sex. Sexy bands make sexy profits for record producers, which is why lead singers (or whomever might be the sexiest member of the group) are often dressed in something barely there when they shoot their music video. took the time to make an awesome list of the sexiest music videos of the past year because this year, 'sexy' music videos were everywhere you looked. Maybe it's because 2018 was filled with political turmoil, or maybe it's just because 2018 was a more liberating year, but whatever the reason, these music videos were off the hook when it comes to sex appeal.

From Shakira, with Trap to Jennifer Lopez with El Anillo, these artists were willing to dare and bare much more for the sake of their art.

Here's a snippet:

2018 was City Girls’ year. The rap duo of Yung Miami and JT (who’s in jail, but that’s another matter) aren’t known for, um, holding back. OK, so you can’t listen to their  music without earbuds in public or watch their videos at work, but their material is worthy of any raunchy best-of list. The ladies’ “Millionaire D–k” almost X rated video is practically required viewing for anyone who wants to date in Miami. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Check out the complete list here and let us know if they missed any. Or what you consider to be the 'sexiest' music video of 2018.


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