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About Us

Wicked Wild Entertainment was created by two amazingly creative minds. They have been in the adult entertainment business for many years. They have a clear understanding of the ins and outs of the industry and aim to revolutionize adult entertainment for the better.

The Entertainment Director of Wicked Wild previously ran his own modeling firm and has extensive experience in the entertainment industry. He also worked as a driver, security, and manager for companies like this for over 15 years. Therefore, he understands the business well, and knows exactly what the customers want. Furthermore, he knows exactly what you don’t want to see.

The Entertainment Manager of Wicked Wild is currently an entertainer and has been dancing for over 6 years in this industry. She has seen how other companies have run in the past and has been looking for a company who treats their employees respectfully and fairly. She promises to maintain a professional and organized business, with security and protection as her main priority.

When these two became business partners, they agreed that they would create major changes to the adult entertainment dancing industry. Through an extensive process of deliberation, these two individuals came up with the company you see today; Wicked Wild!

Let us discuss the issues we guaranteed to change. Firstly, these two saw how companies who have been in business for 20+ years have gone stale. Their shows have become scripted and rigid. Also there are plenty of new companies, who either get into the industry for the wrong reasons, and/ or fail to deliver on the services promoted on their websites or offered over the phone. Here at Wicked Wild we want every show experience to be authentic and inviting. Our dancers have been trained to keep things new and interesting, and to never allow the shows to become boring and distasteful.

Another promise Wicked Wild is strictly holding to is, the dancers will be appropriately dressed in seductively sexy matching outfits, and their routines will be well organized and choreographed. There are multiple companies that allow teams to go out without previously coordinating their upcoming performances. We don’t agree, we make sure each team is well-knowing of what’s to come, in order to make each show a fantastic experience.

The employees at Wicked Wild are properly vetted and trained before they are sent out in the field. The drivers undergo background checks and are extensively trained to keep the dancers safe. We always make sure the dancers are comfortable and ready to put on an amazing performance. Other companies send their employees out unready and unknowing of their new crew members. But not us, we make comfort and protection one of our top priorities.

Our last but most important promise is that we maintain a No Gimmick Policy! Many other companies use the practice of “bait and switch”, where they will show or say one thing to lure in customers, but have no intention on following it through. I’m sure you’ve experienced a company that says one thing but does another. Here at Wicked Wild, we stick to a firm motto to under-promise and over-deliver. We tell it how it is and when you order us, you’ll see why customers call us over and over again.

Thank you!

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