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Return of the Rugged Gentleman

Back in the day, as they say, men wore jeans to work with a pack of smokes rolled up in their t-shirt sleeves. They shaved if they felt like it, but only every other day or so. Their hands were rough and calloused, a sure sign that they were a 'real man' who did 'real man' things. Fast forward to today: men wear socks and sandals to business meetings and tie their hair up into buns which they display prominently on the top of their head like a badge of honor, with one hand wrapped around some sort of soybean infused, pumpkin spice flavored pseudo-coffee. You know what's missing? Healthy masculinity. The easiest way to achieve this is to go for the current emerging trend: the rugged gentleman look. If you dress like a rugged gentleman you may soon begin to act like a rugged gentleman.

But h

rugged gentleman
An old denim jacket is a fine substitute for leather. And a cool pair of shades never hurt anyone.

ow does a man look more like a rugged gentleman than a lazy hipster? It's easy. Just follow along:

1) Make sure your clothes are as strong as you are. Jeans. Real jeans that only have holes because you were wearing them when you were dragged across the pavement that time you had to avoid hitting a group of nuns dancing on the side of the road by laying down your Harley and sliding it into a grove of trees. If you bought jeans that already have holes in them, you're doing it wrong.

2) Flannel shirts only. Ditch the pastel colors and flimsy pull-overs that you wear because they are “comfortable.” Comfort is of no importance to a rugged gentleman. It's all about projecting healthy masculinity that says “I'm always dressed for working in the garage, cutting down trees or pouring concrete.” Or maybe for playing in a garage band. Whatever – at least it's cool and manly.

3) If you can't grow a nice bear, shave. Nobody wants to see your face covered in scraggly hairs. Beards should be full and well trimmed. If you can count the hairs in your beard, there are not enough of them. Period. And don't even think about using hair ties to control it when it gets long. Let it swing in the breeze like a flag of honor.

4) Buy yourself a pair of comfortable boots and wear them all the time. Boots are perfect for every occasion. They can be formal attire or laid back casual.

5) Learn to drink whiskey neat. Walk up to the bar, any bar, in any club, and order a whiskey neat. Sip it slowly. Repeat as needed.

6) The leather jacket has never gone out of style for one good reason: they last. If you don't already have one, buy one, and wear it all the time. Take it with you on road trips and flights; to the beach or the forest or the mountains. It will become your new best friend and inspire many a grand memory.

7) And finally, shut your mouth. A rugged gentleman is known more for his silence than for his bravado (meaning: always trying to impress). Be yourself. Listen. Chuckle when someone says something smart (meaning: funny), add a short comment when asked a direct question. But mostly, stand around in your boots, your jeans and your flannel, your cool leather jacket, while stroking your beard and sipping your whiskey. You'll no doubt soon be enjoying the enviable stares of everyone around you.


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