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How To Handle Your Alcohol

Most people enjoy having a few drinks with their co-workers, their friends, their loved ones. But at every gathering there is that 'one guy' who just doesn't know how to handle his alcohol and ends up ruining the evening for everyone.

Don't be that guy.

Instead, use some common sense to help you avoid the biggest, most obvious, pitfalls that come with an evening of libation.

First, don't drink on an empty stomach. Nobody expects you to. If you're hungry, before you accept that frosty brewski just say "I need to eat something first" then go and eat something. It's as easy as that. If you don't eat before consuming large amounts of alcohol you are headed for a crash and burn type of situation.

Second, make sure you are well hydrated, especially if you are drinking on the beach or out in the sun on a warm day. Dehydration is what causes drunkeness, so not having enough water in your system will cause you to become inebriated much faster than someone who has been drinking water and is well hydrated. To avoid this, drink water. Drink a glass of water with your beer if you must, but make certain you have plenty of water in your system before you start tossing them back.

Third, know your limit and stick to it. Remember, enjoying alcohol means being in it for the long haul, not smashing your face against a brick wall of Tequila shots until you pass out on the bathroom floor in a pool of your own vomit. Sip your drinks, don't chug them. And when you feel as if you've had enough, stop drinking.

Just because the alcohol stops flowing doesn't mean you instantly become less sober. You will likely become more drunk once you stop drinking before you start to sober up. So bear this in mind about your personal cut-off point; stop before you absolutely must stop and definitely before it's too late. And believe it or not, you can still party on! Dance, sing karaoke, tell your lousy jokes, just do it without a drink in your hand and the fun can go on for a whole lot longer.

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