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Have a Holiday Powder Party!

This year why not mix your two favorite things: Skiing and good times (Oh, and sprinkle in some holiday spirit just for extra fun!)

Powder Parties done right are a thing of legend. They are spoken of in hushed tones season after season, always with some champion of the event to honor and some level some of equality to achieve. It's often heard "Remember that one time, in Killington..." and then the conversation turns quiet and sacred as the Legend is conjured.

This year, why not create your own legendary holiday powder party with a few simple ideas:

1. Retro Ski party: Whoever arrives in the most outlandish, our-of-style outfit wins. You can decide what the prize is but a lap dance never hurt anyone.

2. Ugly Sweater Time: Grab those ugly sweaters, slip them over whatever you want (or nothing at all) and prepare to dazzle your friends with your lack of fashion sense. Skiing and sweaters go hand-in-hand so why not make it a theme.

3. Special Holiday Punch: By 'special' we mean, use a festive punch bowl, add some apple/cranberry juice to whatever vodka you've got handy, pour in some fresh fruit and BOOM! you've got holiday punch! Just leave it on a table with some fabulous Red Solo Cups and watch your guests get into the Holiday Spirit!

4. Pajama Powder Party: This is how you separate the men from the boys and ladies from the girls. Only the brave will dare the frosty air to show off their fabulous sleep wear while they down brewskis and trip the light fantastic (Or whatever you have planned at your powder party.)

5. Don't Forget The Entertainment: Look, let's be honest with each other, the only way anyone is going to come to your powder party in the dead of winter is it's wild. And we mean Wicked Wild. So before you buy the alcohol, the food, secure the designated location or invite anyone, make certain you BOOK A SHOW with us!


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